How To Brush A Dog’s Teeth

Greetings Dog Lovers

I have some requests from people asking me how to brush a dog’s teeth. Below is a link that I would like to share from WebMD.

Please watch it as lots of dog owners I know don’t brush their dog’s teeth. As a result, their the dogs teeth becomes yellow and decays due to excessive tartar build up. In some cases, the tooth needs to be extracted.


Here is a link to the dog toothbrush

You can also get your friendly vet to clean your dogs teeth. They would use tools to scrape off the tartar. Do note teeth extraction involves the dog to be anesthetized even for small breeds.

Besides brushing a dog teeth, you can also prevent dogs tooth decay by giving them dentastix . This cleans teeth, freshen breath, reduce plaque and tartar build up in dogs. We actually tell our dogs that its a treat before giving them 🙂 .  They regularly enjoy chewing this up.  If you have dogs with big teeth and are afraid to clean their teeth, use dentastix

Just like good doctors, good vets can guess the dog’s age by its teeth.  If you have just adopted a rescue dog, you can ask your friendly vet. Of course if the dogs teeth is rotten, the vet might not be able to guess the dog’s age accurately.

Its never too late to help your dog enjoy his food in the later part of his life. It also boost their image as guard dogs protecting their owner. Hope you regularly check your dogs teeth.