Games To Play With Your German Shepherd

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I would like to share the article below which is written by my buddy Mike. You can play the 3 games below with most medium to large breeds. Note while Mike suggested using tennis balls for playing fetch, my German Shepherd destroyed the tennis ball when he was just a few months.  Hence I would not hesitate to recommend Kong products as they are very durable. You can also check out Chew King Fetch Balls .

You can play fetch with a Frisbee too instead of a ball.

Games To Play With Your German Shepherd – Michael Tapscott

If you’re the proud owner of a new German shepherd puppy, you may be wondering the best way to play with your new pal. There are many ways to help your puppy get exercise and learn valuable skills through play. Some of the best ways to play with your puppy are:

Hide and Seek – You’ll need two human participants for this game.
Have one person tell the dog to sit and hold him firmly while the
other person goes to hide. Then let the dog go, saying “Find John”.
You’ll be amazed at how quickly the dog will catch on and find the
hider. This game comes naturally to German shepherds because of
their herding abilities. If, by chance, your puppy has trouble the
first time, have the hider say the dog’s name softly. This should
provide an immediate understanding of the game. Once you’ve played for a while, add variations to make the game more difficult. Have multiple people hide, or tell your dog who to find by letting him sniff a piece of the person’s clothing instead of saying their
name. If you play this game with your German shepherd regularly, it can be a great help in the event that you have a lost child.

Catch – Throw a tennis ball to your dog in an arch in the air, so
that he can follow its route with his eyes. The German shepherd
will likely learn to catch very quickly. Teach him to bring the
ball back to you. However, be prepared for him to want to play some “keep away” with you, where he takes the ball and runs with it, begging you to chase him to get it back.

Fetch – Almost all dogs love to fetch, and the German shepherd will
be especially good at it. Teach your dog to return the object to
your hand each time. He will learn the game more easily if you use
a different object than you use for playing catch. Alternatively,
you can teach the dog to bring the object to you and then drop it
on the ground for you. Teach this by saying “Drop” when he comes
back with the toy. If he doesn’t respond, try giving him a treat.
(He’ll have to drop the toy to take the treat.) Then praise him
liberally for having obeyed.

Playing with your dog is one of the most fun ways to train. It’s
great exercise and great bonding for both of you and helps you to
ensure that your dog is healthy and happy.